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The pre-TI season gets even busier: TNC Pro Team invited to NESO Galaxy


The $150,000 tournament takes place in China on June 14-18.

1437 joins the TNC Pro Team Family!

TNC 1437 WEB 5

The ex-Team NP player comes in as the team’s new position 5, and will also take over as captain and drafter

The team now sets their sights on Manila Masters


The Road to TI7 starts here.

NIU Game joins the TNC Pro Team Family!


We’re proud to welcome NIU Game in the TNC Pro Team family.

DX Racer announces partnership with TNC Pro Team!


TNC Pro Team welcomes a new member of the family today as DXRacer, a premier brand in the gaming chair industry chose TNC Pro Team as one of their partners in the esports industry.

TNC and their road to the Kiev Majors


TNC Pro Team had their run in the SEA Qualifiers of the most anticipated event this summer, The Kiev Majors.

TNC places 3rd-4th in the SL i-League Starseries S3


After a grand victory at the WESG2016 Championships, TNC Pro Team is back in China to compete with some of the strongest teams in the world in the SL i-League Starseries S3.

TNC Pro Team is your WESG2016 Champions!

fi wesg

It’s been a long road for the WESG2016 championships! Last January it all comes to one match between the Philippines’ TNC Pro Team and Denmark’s Cloud9.

TNC Pro Team to Conquer New Worlds!

dota2 team fi

The Phoenix and the Predator to merge.

Roster Finalized: Timothy “Tims” Randrup joins TnC Pro Team


Tims to play position 4 for the Spring Season.