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TNC Daily Day 6 of TI7: Bruised, But Tougher

TNC Pro Team gave its all and finished in the 9th-12th place in The International 7, bringing home $361,455 (~Php18,072,750), and the experience that will make them stronger and better for the upcoming season. They may be bruised in their defeat now, but TNC’s experience in their run towards TI has only made them even tougher.


The vengeful OG takes down TNC Pro Team in their rematch battle in the second round of lower bracket matches, 2-0. TNC have had a good run, starting off in the upper bracket before falling to LGD.Forever Young, and now sent home by their European rivals, OG.

TNC’s performance in the early game of Game 1 wasn’t perfect, but early rotations by Tims on Sand King allowed TNC to get early kills out of s4’s Centaur Warrunner, despite the vision advantage of OG in the top lane. A scuffle in the middle lane led to a triple kill by Kuku’s Queen of Pain, escaping with merely just 10HP left. The early game advantage allowed TNC to take down the first two towers of the game, but to do so meant they had to leave ana’s Invoker in the middle lane to farm freely. ana’s patience pays off, farming his Hand of Midas and Aghanim’s Scepter first before joining any major teamfights, which allowed OG’s midlaner to takeover QOP and Raven’s Luna in terms of net worth. TNC tried to take advantage of their early lead by going aggressive against OG with some risky ganks, but OG had anticipated this and thwarted TNC’s ganks. Seeing that TNC’s lineup was too spell-dependent, OG only had to build a Pipe on the Centaur Warrunner and a Mekansm to increase their survivability and prevent themselves from dying from TNC’s 1-2-punch combo. The very high coordination required to make TNC’s wombo-combo plays in their Dark Seer-Sand King strategy made it difficult for TNC to win teamfights. OG took full advantage and forced TNC to fight in disadvantageous positions. OG’s tankiness in the end made any nuke damage from TNC negligible, winning them the game.

Knowing that they need to try out something new to make things work, TNC falls back to a strat that was very dominant few patches back, picking Shadow Demon for 1437 and Luna again for Raven. Picking Outworld Devourer for Kuku and Earth Spirit on Tims and also Clockwerk for Sam H, TNC’s draft was unconventional at the very least. OG responds by getting Disruptor for Fly, Legion Commander for s4, Templar Assassin for ana, Naga Siren for n0taiL, and Earthshaker for JerAx. TNC again tries to be aggressive, attempting a smoke gank at minute 0 to try to steal a bounty rune, finding s4 in the process. However, TNC failed to execute their combos flawlessly, allowing s4 to escape and for the rest of OG to respond. OG proceeds to take the helm of the game from this mishap by TNC, forcing the Filipino squad to fight again in disadvantageous positions. The gravity of the matter made TNC trying to exploit all opportunities they find to get kills, but their aggression was always thwarted by a properly placed Static Storm or a Duel by s4 eliminating a cog in the TNC’s machine. OG never let go of their lead in this game, and methodically defeated TNC to take their revenge from last year’s upset.

With TNC Pro Team and DC eliminated in the same night, that wraps everything up for the Pinoy Pride in Seattle. Despite their loss today, there’s nothing to be ashamed of for reaching 9th-12th of The International. All the hard work and dedication of Execration, Fnatic, DC and TNC had brought burning pride and awe for their Filipino fans. Despite not reaching the Grand Finals, our players’ achievement of even setting foot in the most prestigious Dota2 event of the year should be celebrated still. What they should do now is to use their experience and the lessons they have learned from this tournament on the next 11 Majors and 11 Minors of the upcoming Dota2 season.