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TNC Daily Day 5 of TI7: Coming in Full Circle

LGD.Forever Young cleanly sweeps TNC Pro Team to advance in the Upper Bracket SemiFinals, sending TNC to face OG in the lower bracket.


Déjà vu – OG and TNC will meet in the Main Stage of The International at the Lower Bracket Round 2 – the very same time they met last year. This fated rematch is due to LGD.FY defeating TNC 2-0 earlier today in their matchup in the Upper Bracket Round 1.

LGD.FY’s win over TNC in the first game was hard-fought, in a match that lasted over an hour. Kuku’s Alchemist had single-handedly kept the gold lead in favor of TNC throughout the first game, but LGD.FY found ways to eliminate heroes on TNC’s side here and there. Alchemist’s push allowed TNC to take down the first set of barracks, but LFY’s resilience and strong fighting ability took down TNC in teamfights, allowing LFY to push high ground. Thankfully, Tims’s Naga Siren tactically timed her Song of the Siren to reverse a couple of LFY’s initiations in favor of TNC, pushing back the rampaging Terrorblade of Monet. However, Monet’s decision to pick up the Level 25 talent cooldown reduction for Sunder created an unstoppable monster out of Terrorblade. In the end, LFY successfully caught the Naga Siren off-guard and placed a hex on her, disabling her from using her ultimate and bagging the game in their favor.

Game 2 was much more straightforward, with LFY taking the win decisively with Super’s Bristleback taking the helm. inflame’s Nature Prophet had been strategic in his positioning which allowed him to score a lot of pick-offs as well, making it harder for TNC to bounce back.

Falling down to the lower bracket, TNC is now only one losing match away from elimination. In the same fashion as OG last year that fell to the lower bracket thanks to MVP.Phoenix, TNC fell to the lower bracket and now the two teams will be fighting again in the lower bracket for survival. OG’s chance of redeeming themselves against TNC for last year’s upset is here, but so is TNC’s chance to prove that their win over OG last year wasn’t a fluke.