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TNC Daily Day 4 of TI7: Starting in the Upper Bracket

We will be starting at the upper bracket at TI7’s Main Event, despite scoring a 0-2 loss against LGD Gaming in their sole match-up today.


TNC Pro Team lost both their games today against the Chinese Powerhouse LGD Gaming, who eventually finished second place in Group A. Despite this, TNC retained their spot in the 4th place to claim their position in the upper bracket come playoffs.

Losing some games didn’t mean that TNC didn’t do well – it just wasn’t enough to beat LGD, for now. Kuku struggled hard in Game 1, especially in the early game when his Dragon Knight fell multiple times to timely ganks by Victoria’s Earthshaker initiating for Maybe’s Puck to take the kills. Meanwhile, TNC did score a lot of kills on eLeVeN’s Tidehunter, but the sacrificial offlaner of LGD didn’t mind dying so much as long as AME’s Morphling could get all the farm he needed. And so did he, as AME continued to build the core items that would make Morphling unstoppable. Later on, AME would ravage the rest of TNC even when TNC had destroyed his teammates, spelling disaster for the Filipino team. TNC was just outdrafted and outplayed in this game, as Yao’s Ancient Apparition made sure that Kuku’s Dragon Knight and Sam H’s Clockwerk were kept in check.

The second game seemed to favor TNC even up to the late game, with Raven’s Lycan being dominant for most of the game. However, AME’s Sven was farming so well that TNC wasn’t able to build up enough gold lead over LGD despite all of their pick-offs. TNC recognized AME’s threat and focused on picking him off in the jungle quite a lot. All the 5v5 clashes also went in favor of TNC, despite LGD having so many disables on their lineup. However, one bad 5-man initiation in the top lane caused Kuku’s Mirana to fall, allowing LGD some breathing room and the confidence to push down TNC’s bottom lane. In a snap of a finger, LGD turned the tables around by letting their aggression decimate the bottom racks, taking down 3 heroes of TNC on the side. Undaunted, TNC continued fighting and won a convincing clash down the middle lane, taking out Maybe’s Leshrac. However, as TNC continued to push down the middle lane up the high ground, one good Echo Slam by eLeVeN stunned the advancing TNC army, allowing Leshrac to kill three in one go. That decisive clash took out TNC and, without buyback, forced them to call GG as LGD ran them down their base.

Regardless, TNC will be starting in the upper bracket on the playoffs, with an ensured 9th-12th finish with at least $355,404 (~Php17,770,200) in their name. They will be facing their first Bo3 matchup in the playoffs on Wednesday, 1AM, against LGD.Forever Young, who finished 1st in Group B. We are confident that TNC can take down LGD FY and proceed to the Upper Bracket Finals to face whoever wins between Virtus.pro and LGD Gaming in their own matchup. But in the occasion that TNC loses and would be sent to the lower bracket, they would potentially have a rematch against OG, given that OG beat Infamous in their matchup. That would be an opportunity for TNC to show the world that their famous victory over OG that sent the European powerhouse home early last TI wasn’t a fluke.

But whoever it is that we end up facing, you can be sure that TNC will be giving it our best shot.