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TNC Daily Day 3 of TI7: Stay Strong in the Top 4

Three tough matchups today ends for TNC Pro Team for them to retain their position in the 4th spot in Group A of TI7 Group Stage.

TNC Pro Team started both their games against Team Liquid with a smoke gank at minute 0, with both being successful in taking out first, MATUMBAMAN, and second, Kuroky in Game 2. TNC was dominant during the laning stage relying on Tims’s aggressiveness as Sand King. However, Liquid was quick to adapt to punish TNC’s aggressiveness with fast-reaction rotations to take down the offending players. Despite the early kills by TNC on Miracle-’s Huskar early game, Liquid was able to turn the tables around after MATUMBAMAN scores a Rampage as Necrophos. Afterwhich, Liquid became even more emboldened to take the fight to TNC. With Kuro’s Oracle on the wing, TNC just didn’t have an answer on the Necrophos and on the Huskar, as they didn’t have enough burst damage. Kuku-’s Tinker was effective in slowing down Liquid’s push, but Liquid was unstoppable in taking Game 1.

But TNC won’t just stay down. Kuku takes the second game head-on with his Queen of Pain, and finally scores a win with the hero. In fact, the second game was so dominant for TNC that Kuku had a 23k net worth and Raven’s Lycan at 21k in just 40 minutes, with TNC’s gold lead up by 20k. Matumbaman’s Lone Druid was Liquid’s only way of escape, the Savage Roar being effectively used by the Panda named El Doge. But TNC just has so many chase heroes that Liquid was hopeless when TNC smells the blood. In the end, Kuku’s 1.4s cooldown on Shadow Strike thanks to his talents and Octarine Core sealed the deal to go 1-1 against Team Liquid.

TNC’s second matchup was against IG.V, with the first game seeing aggression coming from both teams. The Clockwerk on Sam H and Nyx Assassin on Tims rotated well to take out individuals on the lane. However, IG.V’s strong push allowed them a 7k gold lead by midgame. TNC was great on single player pick-offs, but IG.V had better performance on 5v5 clashes. However, TNC slowly crawled back up with their pick-offs Tims’ timing of his carapace always disrupts IG.V’s initiations, easing off the late game turnaround for TNC. One failed initiation that led to their team being wiped out led IG.V to call GG on the 34-minute mark.

We saw a more calculating, more passive and careful play out of IG.V on their second game. Both Paparazzi on Weaver and Kuku on the Timbersaw scored multiple kills early game. However, Timbersaw’s early game lead was controlled by InJuly’s Doom shutting down all his escape mechanisms and muting his Reactive Armor, killing him off quite easily and destroying Timbersaw’s natural tankiness. Sakata’s Dragon Knight also built a Silver Edge that further gave IG.V ammunition in taking down the Timbersaw. dogf1gthsKunkka completely nullifies all of Sam H’s Batrider’s initiations. Raven’s Phantom Lancer continuously pushed down IG.V’s lanes, allowing them some breathing room. However, even with just one of super’s Chain Frosts taking care of TNC’s squishy line up made it easy for IG.V to beat TNC in Game 2.

Finally, TNC scores 2-0 against Infamous, with a very close game for Game 2. Tims’ Kunkka was TNC’s answer to Timado’s QOP, easily taking QOP out at every opportunity they have. Meanwhile, Infamous had their Tusk+Ancient Apparition combo by Matthew and Accel for a very chilling end to many lives. Infamous was also pretty good at making TNC pay for their aggressiveness, but TNC is also good at rotating to protect Raven’s Anti-Mage. Infamous may have had a lot of chase potential in their lineup, but TNC also had really good escape options. In the end, it was the many reliable stuns of TNC that allowed them to take over the game, and also to give enough space for Anti-Mage to push down all the lanes, which eventually led to TNC’s win.

TNC’s last match for the day was also their longest for the day, ending at the 83-minute mark. This also marks Kuku’s second win on QOP, which may show that Kuku has found a way to make the hero work for this patch. Again, TNC was really good at taking pick-offs, but long-drawn clashes was in favor of Infamous. Queentaka’s Enigma was both a bane and boon for Infamous, with Queentaka’s misplays leading to heavy losses, but his Black Holes also leading to team wipes on the side of TNC. It became a very long conflict with Enigma and 1437’s Warlock scoring Refreshers, which led to both teams waiting each other out’s ultimates. For some time, it would seem that Infamous would take away the game from TNC, but they are not so good in pushing the high ground. Furthermore, TNC left a hole at Infamous’ bottom lane, which Infamous kept on ignoring in favor of pushing the high ground. TNC kept on punishing Infamous for trying to take down their base, which Infamous succeeded but in exchange of their lives. Infamous ended up taking out all of TNC’s barracks, but TNC kept fighting on and proved that their team fight potential is better than Infamous’. In the end, TNC’s positioning allowed them to perform just the third ever Mega Creep comeback in the history of The International.