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TNC Daily Day 2 of TI7: Long Games in the Middle Way

TNC Pro Team remains poised for an upper bracket start for the Playoffs after scoring 1-1 on both of their matchups todays.

TNC squared off with Team Secret and Team Empire today with both resulting to a 1-1 score. Despite dropping two games in total today, TNC did perform strongly, with their losses attributable to a couple of bad calls that ultimately spelled their demise.

TNC would have had Team Secret under their heels if they had not forced a high ground push in their first game. They had a huge lead ahead off the back of Kuku’s Tinker which was an absolute beast, but they struggled in getting kills for most of the game. Meanwhile, Sam H’s Legion Commander had been useful in taking down individual heroes, but the team wasn’t fast enough to also earn LC duel damage during the ganks. Pushing the middle lane with Raven’s Phantom Lancer at the helm, TNC attempted to push down Secret with the backdoor protection still on. However, one Split Earth by Yapzor decimated the advancing party and turned around the game once and for all after three diebacks on the side of TNC enabled Secret to push straight to their fourth tier towers.

The team had learned their lesson going into the second game and played a more dominant playstyle. Their aggressiveness and hunger for a kill led them to a 34k lead against Secret as they mowed them down into submission. The two games in total lasted for more than a hundred minutes.

Their second series for the day lasted even longer, totaling just over one hundred and twenty minutes, both featuring Naga Sirens. Their first game had Tims on the Siren, and Kuku on Razor. The early game was rough in the middle lane for Kuku, with Rodjer’s Earthshaker cutting off Razor’s escape path all the time. Sam H’s Clockwer proved essential in catching the enemy off guard and to secure kills. Raven’s Sven easily took care of Resolut1on’s Phantom Lancer, taking the tide of battle with them.

In the second game, Raven’s Naga was countered easily by Rodjer’s Earthshaker, making it hard for the illusions to do much difference in team clash and in pushing down the lanes. Kuku’s Queen of Pain was once again shut down just like yesterday, but it was really fn’s Storm Spirit that dominated the game. The Naga however allowed TNC to drag the game into the long haul, even resulting to a late game Rampage by Kuku during a showdown in TNC’s high ground. But sheer determination and fighting spirit wasn’t just enough to stop the aggressive Team Empire, and TNC, despite their best efforts, fell in style.