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TNC Daily Day 1 of TI7: Starting Off With A Big Bang

TNC Pro Team finishes Day 1 of TI7 Group Stages with a 3-1 record, giving us some really great highlights this early in the tournament.

TNC has shown a very strong performance today against both Evil Geniuses and Fnatic. Despite losing their first game in the tournament against EG, TNC was undaunted and never lost their determination to win. Props to the team for sticking it through and not losing their composure, earning them the #3 spot in Group A thus far, just behind LGD-Gaming and Team Liquid.

Our boys finished ahead Evil Geniuses in the standings today, despite the two scoring 1-1 against each other. Kuku’s signature hero Queen of Pain suffered in Game 1, showing just how bad the hero is for this patch despite Kuku’s mastery over the hero. The opposing lineup in EG just had the right balance in tankiness and crowd control, enough to shut down TNC’s pick-off heavy lineup. TNC were able to earn some early kills during the laning stage, but EG kept their cool and farmed well enough to turn the tables, and eventually taking Game 1 of their Best-Of-2 Series.

The roles reversed in Game 2, with a very timely Phantom Assassin counter-pick was chosen for Raven to easily delete the squishy ranged heroes of EG. The Phantom Assassin was able to rampage all throughout the game thanks mainly to EG’s squishiness and also for their lack of reliable burst and disables. Raven finishes Game 2 with a 19/0/8 score, effectively establishing dominance over EG.

Several hours later and TNC is back in action, taking on Fnatic this time around. Game 1 was strange in that it featured Raven’s Naga Siren and, despite having to rely on that Naga Siren to win the game, it only lasted for 26 minutes. The entire fight was back-and-forth until the Naga Siren went online with the Radiance. The Radiance was enough to keep Ohaiyo’s Puck in control, taking away his Blink Dagger, which until then he had been using to slip away like a very slippery eel. Kuku’s Razor had a great early game thanks to Tims’ babysitting as Kunkka, which allowed the Razor to farm faster against the opposing Mirana of Qo. In the end, a big role was played by Sam H’s Nyx Assassin who had been able to build himself up well as solo top lane, allowing himself great pick-offs in and out of clashes. Big help defensively was 1437’s Lich’s Frost Armor which prevented the enemy Drow Ranger of Ahjit to build enough momentum in teamfights.

Game 2 saw a very terrifying Kuku on Tinker that pressured all lanes and killed enemies left and right. Fnatic’s reliance on Qo’s Faceless Void became a liability when Tinker’s endless barrage of missiles and lasers rendered Void low in health. The game went so well for TNC that Sam H’s missed Black Holes didn’t even cause much of a dent to TNC’s offensive, and instead allowed Raven’s Lycan to smash down towers while Fnatic tried to win clashes against the rest of TNC.