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NIU Game joins the TNC Pro Team Family!

We’re proud to welcome NIU Game in the TNC Pro Team family.

NIU Game is a Chinese based esports website that was setup by Sportsypl Co., Ltd back in December 2015 who started as an esports quiz website then eventually grew into a much bigger company. Sportsypl Group started back in 2005 and it developed in the areas of Real Estate Development, Film production, Garment Manufacturing of sports products and E-Businesses. Now they chose to be a part of the esports industry as one of the partners of TNC Pro Team.




Primarily, NIU Game supports online betting on esports but is not limited to titles such as Dota2, LoL, CSGO, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch and Starcraft II. The TNC Pro Team organization is very happy going into this partnership with NIU Game, we believe that it’ll uplift and enable our players to perform on a different level with the support that NIU Game will give us.

A word from the NIU Game team:

1. What are your thoughts going into this partnership with TNC Pro Team?

We believe that in the fierce competition comes in the birth of a new good aspiring team that will represents the industry’s growth.

Therefore, by promoting the TNC world-class excellent e-sports team’s development, it also promote the good development of e-sports in terms of career.

This is in-line with the original intention of Niugame, committed in using its own influence to help promote the rising global e-sports market. 

2. Why TNC Pro Team?

TNC has a history and strength of the Southeast Asian team, the world’s high-profile in terms of number of fans and clan favorite, including fans from the Niugame team.

TNC global ranking reaches TOP8, Southeast Asia NO.1 and recently won the WESG 2017 year champion.

With this result, tens of millions practitioners in the e-sports players now envy the achievement that the team reaches, and indeed worthy to be a fan’s proud.

We are very pleased to have established partnership with TNC, Niugame as the best e-sports periphery in Asia, has been concerned about the development of TNC, at the same excited for the future result TNC will achieve, we see the development of TNC to be e-sports hope and its future, we are looking forward to Niugame and TNC partnership in the e-sports industry to bring a good and positive role.

3. What are your expectations from the Team?

Today’s e-sports industry is developing very fast, therefore tomorrow’s e-sports industry will develop even better.

We expect TNC to achieve better results in the upcoming Manila Invitational Tournament! And to bring a more perfect show for our audience.

Similarly, we at Niugame would like to achieve our goal in providing audience a one-stop professional gaming experience.

Let’s all wish TNC Pro Team good luck as the Kiev Major comes closer and closer each day.