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TNC and their road to the Kiev Majors

TNC Pro Team had their run in the SEA Qualifiers of the most anticipated event this summer, The Kiev Majors.


TNC Pro Team started the tournament in a rather low position as they lost to GeekFam from Malaysia but then followed by positive outcomes in the group stage. They managed to finish the groupstage with a 7-2 score tied with Clutch Gamers and Team Faceless.

As they went onto the playoffs, they were paired with Singapore-based Team, Faceless a rather familiar competitor in the SEA region and ranked number 1. While it was Mineski and Clutch Gamers to square off in the other group of the playoffs. TNC Pro Team lost to Team Faceless 2-1 which brought them down in the loser’s bracket. Mineski triumphed over Clutch Gamers, and eventually lost to Team Faceless in the Winners’ bracket finals. A predictable outcome of the qualifiers it had been on the first day of the playoffs, since Team Faceless is regarded as the number 1 team in the SEA region.

The Fight for the Majors.
Clutch Gamers bested TNC Pro Team in the first game of their series. Displaying stellar performances from their supports, FLYSOLO and Boombacs and mid player Armel!. But that didn’t shake TNC Pro Team as they went all in their second game with a Troll Warlord centered line up, as we all know KUKU is one to deliver and he did. Having an advantage against Armel’s Alchemist. He set the tempo for the team to secure the 2nd game of the series. The third game featured KUKU’s Sniper and Raven’s Troll Warlord. TNC Pro Team displayed full dominance over the game and ended their series with a 4-20 score against Clutch Gamers. TNC Pro Team’s momentum will definitely help out in their series against Mineski.

All in, now or never.
TNC Pro Team opened their series against Mineski with a win, picking Troll Warlord again for KUKU. The game was pretty much like the 2nd game against Clutch Gamers but a bit more difficult because of Bimbo’s Alchemist, getting ahead of TNC’s cores averaging 27000 gold networth by the 24th minute mark of the game. But Bimbo alone couldn’t hold off against TNC’s Troll and Juggernaut combo, slowly but surely TNC made their final clash in the middle lane in which Mineski called GG. Game two started off great for TNC Pro Team, but then became difficult for them in the late game phase because of Bimbo’s great plays with his Ember Spirit. Creating space and being a great nuisance for TNC he enabled his team to come up to par with TNC’s cores in the mid game phase. TNC’s hope in the second game all shattered with the last clash of the game inside the Dire base. With Bimbo’s elusive Ember Spirit avoiding all of KUKU’s Reverses, Mineski had an advantage with the lack of TNC’s spell. Team wiping them with no buy-backs, Mineski won on the 59th minute mark of the game. The third game of the series was just a classic TNC game, KUKU’s Jugg and Raven’s Weaver plowing through the rest of Mineski’s line up. An early game advantage because of TIMS’ Ogre Magi giving Bimbo’s Shadow Fiend a hard time on the middle lane and as well as Raven’s lane in the bottom lane. They showed complete dominance of the early game phase. They welcomed the mid game with a knock on Mineski’s Tier 3 tower and eventually destroyed their first set or racks. TNC didn’t stop their as they wasted no time and continued their siege on Mineski’s tier 3 top tower that didn’t stop their as they followed on their siege and eliminated Mineski’s cores and eventually making Mineski tap out of the match. With their win, TNC Pro Team earned their spot in the Kiev Majors this April.