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TNC places 3rd-4th in the SL i-League Starseries S3

After a grand victory at the WESG2016 Championships, TNC Pro Team is back in China to compete with some of the strongest teams in the world in the SL i-League Starseries S3.

TNC Pro Team entered the tournament in the same group as the team that they eliminated in TI6. OG, now with a new line-up proved that he’s no easy foe this time. For the real fans of TNC Pro Team, they already know that the team likes to welcome their tournament with a 0-2 loss against their opponent. This indeed happened in their first series against OG. They went down to the lower bracket of their group to face China’s IG.V. Given the history of chinese teams against TNC, this match up was a pretty one sided one. Eventually facing off one of the EU powerhouses Team Secret, TNC Pro Team kept their composure in the midst of the lower bracket eliminations. First match against Team Secret was pretty much the TIMS Show. Showing off his skills in using Earth Spirit, he accompanied the team in their first game victory against Team Secret. Game two however, is a different story. Trades came from both teams in the early game phase. But it was Team Secret who capitalized in the early game fights which eventually won them the game. Game three went in favor of TNC, thanks to Ryo and TIMS’ rotation. It enabled KUKU’s OD to do some serious damage in Team Secret’s lineup securing them a spot in the Playoffs.

The playoffs were comprised of great teams. TNC Pro Team went up against Team Liquid in the first part of the playoffs. Unfortunately, the team lost 2-0 against the european powerhouse and was placed 3rd-4th in the tournament. Team Liquid was also crowned as the champions of the SL i-League Starseries S3.

With their run in the SL i-League Starseries S3, TNC Pro Team is now a bit more confident facing teams from other regions. Which is vital since the Kiev Qualifier is just around the corner.