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TNC Pro Team is your WESG2016 Champions!

It’s been a long road for the WESG2016 championships! Last January it all comes to one match between the Philippines’ TNC Pro Team and Denmark’s Cloud9.

A lot of great Dota 2 matches have been played throughout the tournament showcasing some of the greatest and notable talents in the world. TNC Pro Team surely had a rough road to the grand finals of the WESG. Starting their groupstages with a 0-2 loss against China’s MAX.Y, the team found their groove and eventually made the top seed in the playoffs, beating Dendi and Resolut1on in Team Ukraine. The playoffs however, is no walk in the park. They had to square it off with Peru’s Dilecom, which was a pretty hard series as well. TNC barely surviving in their first match in playoffs they had to go up against Sweden’s Alliance. Which comprised of the TI3 champs, Loda, Akke and EGM. But that didn’t matter to TNC Pro Team as they came in WESG for the gold, their series ended with a 2-0 win. Stomping the swedes and claiming their spot in the Grand Finals of the WESG2016.


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The Finals
Game one started off in TNC’s favor, predicting C9’s movement in the Dire jungle. TNC picked off Ryze’s Rubick and NoiA’s Ogre Magi. Throughout the early game phase TNC maintained their lead until the mid-game, where C9 managed to bounce back due to 13abyKnight’s Ember Spirit giving them a breathing room to farm off their items to prepare in the coming fights. TNC however, pressed on and managed to catch 13abyKnight’s Ember Spirit without a buyback. With the pick-off TNC easily plowed through C9’s base getting objectives after objectives with C9 heroes dying one by one, TNC won the first game on the 38th minute mark.

Game two however, is a different story for TNC. C9 had an advantage with their early game because of HestejoE’s Dark Seer, enabling their Sven-Bane support duo to punish KUKU’s Templar Assassin in the middle lane giving room for 13abyKnight’s Sniper to farm up his essential mid-game items. Their early game lead eventually translated into a farmed Luna which meant trouble for TNC. C9 came and claimed towers here and there, TNC however did not yield as they went for an all in smoke in the middle lane to even out the odds. Eliminating only Ryze’s Bane in their smoke attempt, this lead to their position being given out to the whole squad of C9 who happened to be just around the scene to engage in a team fight. The clash begun with Ace’s eclipse claiming TNC’s supports and then 13abyKnight’s Sniper cleaning up the cores of TNC Pro Team. GG was called on the 34th minute mark of the game.

Game three started out just like game two, C9 got hold of the early game advantage with their successful skirmishes all over the map. They welcomed the 30th minute mark of the game with a 8 point lead in kills over TNC. TNC having no answer for the C9 Luna and Outworld Devourer cores, played their long game plan. Enduring wave after wave of assault from C9, eventually they found their opening on the top lane as C9 made a failed attempt of securing a set of Barracks. This gave room to Raven’s Juggernaut and KUKU’s QOP to do some heavy lifting for the team. TNC pushed their luck in a final engagement in the middle lane, eliminating four of C9’s heroes leaving Ace’s Luna alone to defend the Radiant base. Sure he’s farmed but he cannot stop TNC’s siege on their middle and top lanes, TNC then aimed for the Radiant ancient with still 40 seconds to go on 13abyKnight’s Outworld Devourer it’s now or never. TNC managed to destroy the Radiant Ancient on the 59th minute mark of the game. With this win TNC Pro Team is now $800,000 richer and made their statement in the international Dota 2 scene that they have what it takes to compete in the international stage.

The team now set their eyes on the next Valve majors as summer comes near.