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Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho will play for TNC during the TI6 Qualifiers

The former The International player Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho will be playing for TNC Pro Team this coming TI6 qualifiers.

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Few days before the TI6 qualifiers, TNC┬áhas confirmed that the famous international player “DeMoN” will be playing for their squad this coming TI6 qualifiers. He will replace the former mid player John Linuel “Teehee” Abanto during this roster shuffle. This will put back Kuku in his original role as mid laner while DeMoN will play as a support together with Eyyou.

“This roster change happened due to sudden differences in our goals and objectives in the team. As much as we want to keep Teehee in our roster, we believe that it’s not the best decision at least for this qualifier since his vision is not the same with the team’s vision anymore. He is a very talented player but we want our team to be in the same page especially for this tournament.” – Paulo Sy, TNC Pro Team Manager.

The acquisition will definitely give the team more stability due to Jimmy’s experience. The whole management and team hopes that his experience together with the team’s talent is enough to bring the team to the TI dream.