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Dota 2




Nico Eyyou Barcelon
Age: 23
City: Antipolo, Rizal
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicoeyyou

Nico started playing Dota during the year 2007. During his career back in Dota 1 days, he was known as one of the most talented “Techies” player in the Philippines. He was even branded as “Techies ng Pinas” due to his remarkable plays. With the height of his career, he became an official member of the Dota team of Mineski Infinity Shaw alongside Teehee.

Continuing his dream to become one of the best dota players in the world, he switched to Dota 2 and joined the squad of Wargods. There, he teamed up with Wootz, one of the popular players in Philippine dota scene. Still unsatisfied with the results of team, he decided to leave the team and form a new squad which is totally designed to top the Philippine Dota 2 scene. The very same team which was discovered by TNC and became the TNC Pro Team.

Now, Eyyou is the captain of the TNC Pro Team. Despite the noise he is bringing in the game, Eyyou is a very quiet in real life. He prefers to go solo and stay in front of the computer until the sun shines bright.




John Linuel Teehee Abanto
Age: 19
City: Antipolo, Rizal
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/linuel.abanto

Teehee is the mid-laner of TNC Pro Team. He is the 2nd youngest player in the team next to Raven. At first Teehee’s focus was more on MMORPG games but because of his friends, he was invited to play Dota 1. His first Dota game was played back when he was 10 years old. After that, he became very addictive in the game. His addiction developed and became his lethal weapon, his intelligence and understanding of the game.

Aside from his talent, Teehee is a hard working player. He takes time reading all the necessary data that can contribute to the team. He makes sure that he will not miss even a small detail in the game. He believes that combination of hardwork and talent is the key to victory.

Unlike Eyyou, Teehee is one of the loudest member of the team. He likes singing and dancing to pump up the whole team. His favorite artists are Chris Brown and Jay-Z.

Sam SamH Hidalgo
Age: 20
City: Antipolo, Rizal
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sasamdota

A loud and funny member of the team. Aside from Teehee, SamH is the mood booster of the team. His jokes and battle cries during their matches make the team comfortable even at the crucial moments. SamH is the offlaner of the team. AS of now, he is known as one of the top off-laners in the Philippine Dota 2 scene. The responsibility vested in him is definitely one of the biggest but until now, he always fulfills his role.SamH started his dota career on a not so explosive way. Despite his exposure to professional scene at the early stage, all of those didn’t last too long. SamH or also known as PaperChicken became member of TNC Dota 1 and Mineski-Dota (Dota 2). After that he spent most of his time solo, racking up his MMR points. Eyyou and Samh were teammates way back 2008. During the time Eyyou was forming a team, he contacted SamH to be one of the primary pillars of the team Eyyou was dreaming for.

Marc Polo “Raven” Fausto
Age: 17
City: Paco, Manila
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/napolodre

Raven is the newest addition to the team. He is also the youngest member of the team. Raven came from various teams like Click N’ Search, Mineski, Trackmate.TRIC and MSI-EvoGT. Ever since he entered the professional scene, Raven is stable in the “Carry” spot. When Teehee momentarily left the team, Raven was acquired and task to fulfill the mid role. He managed to do the necessary adjustments and showed his flexibility in the game. Now that Teehee has returned, Raven went back to his comfortable position and looks to dominate the scene by his crucial plays.
He is definitely the most inexperienced player of the team but he looks to defy the odds and conquer primarily the SEA region and probably the whole international scene as well. Raven aims to be on top by his hard work. One of his good habits is watching replays non-stop. He tries to squeeze all the juice in every replay, absorb it and apply all the good things in his own game play.

Name: Gio “WinterGSmallSon” De Ocampo
Age: 15
City: Pasig City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZeroGravity.NDV

Gio is definitely one of the youngest Dota 2 players who became a member of a professional team in the Philippines.

The whole team and the management had their hopes for this boy, as a former member of Team iQ and Team Cyber X, Boyet have the potential of being a great player with the help and proper guidance, especially by Teehee and Eyyou by his side.